A New Permaculture MAPP for a New Era

MAPP is an acronym for a Massive Action Permaculture Policy that can enhance everything we do.

Permaculture uses all of our knowledge to maximize what we what we have. For those of us in Suburbia, that means producing as much food/fuel as possible while minimizing our waste. Every watt of electricity, every piece of plastic, every race to a red light & every yard mowed is a little less of what we can pass along to future generations. Oil, gas, coal, & uranium have empowered us to achieve transcendent abundance, however it’s coming at a great cost. Those who will be responsible for repaying the ecological & economic debts that we incur are the infinite generations yet to be born. We know that there is a finite amount of these precious natural resources, but we use them as if they’re constantly being ‘restocked’ like boxes of hamburger patties at Costco. They’re not. Citizen Solutions’ MAPP is an attempt to harmonize public education with governmental policy in such a way that we incentivize the types of development & connection that enhance all aspects of a healthy society.

The the potential for our culture to transition from unsustainable is real. However, if we start to advocate for those who haven’t been born to voice their opinions than we fail to protect them.

Permaculture can impact the way we educate our young people, produce our food & fuel, connect with others, and it can send a message to the world about what we value.

I hope you’ll explore this site for more info and images about the ways in which these fairly simple localized actions can have massive effects on geo-politics and the global economic system.

We need to remind ourselves of what we need to do for those yet to come. We have to use our imagination to motivate the action necessary to supercede the superficiality & spectacle of the Dominant Culture.

The biggest challenge is convincing the people who have the resources & influence to re-articulate the scalability of these ideas.

I never had any intention of becoming who I am, but my travel, education, & experiences have converged to form me into who I am. Everyday I battle my behavioral ‘addictions’ (e.g. binge eating), and it’s not always easy to try and be my ‘best’ self, but but I’ve gotten close. I’ve watched enough people get close that I’ve become convinced that it’s possible for all of us to get a little closer. We don’t need the divisiveness of fundamentalisms to animate our struggles.

Thanks for reading.
Evan A.

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