How to Preempt ‘School Violence’

Once again too many lives have been ruined needlessly, and many in the country are calling for the NRA to accept ‘changes’ we need. Few want to take a moment and see beyond their field of view to the other situations in the world in which there’s comparable, if not, more extreme violence being perpetrated by citizens upon other citizens. Don’t take that as an attempt to diminish the intensity of emotional loss felt by parents and the friends of those lost, however its indicative of a culture so selfishly entitled as to think that they deserve more legislative protection rather than creatively designing culturally relevant approaches to preempting these types of tragedies. What would that look like?

EMPOWERMENT. We have to empower our young people with the knowledge to protect themselves and to attack assailants. We have to empower them to confidently respond to these types of attacks and to become the heroes that we revere in film, in war, and on the courts.

Everyone here is a victim of a dominant culture whose superficiality makes our young people reach the conclusion to waste their potential by an act of violence against the people who are themselves saturated by the culture’s superficiality. Ours is a culture that glorifies its own superficiality and actually incentivizes our conformity to it.

I’ve yet to hear a politician or pundit put forth a vision for cultural correction that doesn’t galvanize the positions of opposing sides. It’s pathetic that our intellectual class can’t synthesize a vision beyond attacking the opposition and demanding constitution restrictions or advocating for more guns in schools. Do our schools not already appear to be penitentiaries?

Instead of being reactionaries we could implement massive ‘Gun Defense’ education programs that empower our young people with the knowledge to defend themselves from assailants and to respond together to defend each other.

Let’s stop pretending that law enforcement are the only people in our community capable of heroism.
Let’s teach our young people how to take a guns from an assailant.
Let’s teach them how to assault an assailant.
Let’s teach them how to be heroes.
Let’s teach them how to respond like the young warriors.

Let’s teach them how marketers abuse their knowledge of human psychology to sell & glorify violence in the form of spectacle, sport, & entertainment.

That’s reform. That’s a solution worth trying.
That’s empowerment.

Breathe completely.

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