Education & Taxes in Oklahoma

Here’s a disheartening fact: roughly 66% of Oklahoma’s school districts can’t offer Physics or Calculus. Why? Because they don’t have the teachers or funding to do so. Well, how do we solve that?

We could implement a simplified Flat Tax that would be a way for poor folks re-establish the moral high-ground and hold the wealthy accountable for their excessive lust for money and influence. But what about all of the accountants who lose their jobs? They’re sent on Patriotic Mission Trips to ‘do for their country’, by devoting 1-2 years to enhancing the awareness of kids in rural America discover the amazing potential for existential synthesis derived from high-level science and mathematics instruction. Additionally, do you think it wouldn’t be beneficial for the professionals to have ‘service’ on their resumes? Would they not also benefit from the authentic experience of traveling to never-before seen part of the country? Can they not learn something from the other-side? Is there not something to be learned by integrating Americans into one’s awareness and sharing their knowledge & skills?

This is doable. The Department of War (Defense) trains thousands of people every year and then dispatches them throughout the country, I think we could create the infrastructure needed and inspire some of our best mathematicians to devote 1-2 years doing so.
If not, then we’d know better who they really are as people.
The situation is too urgent and we’re neglecting too many of our young people by complicating a system whose complexities already exceed the capacity of most responsible people to understand them. The accountants have the keys to the IRS’ knowledge and that means that they have power of your money, which in turn makes you dependent upon them for the protection of your assets. Do you read me?

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