Gardens & Guns

These may be two of the most important and under-valued aspects of American life. Guns protect us & gardens feed us. Guns help us hunt and gardens teach us lessons. Gardens enable our elders to share valuable knowledge with the younger generation and give us all a reason to be active. Being active means that we burn calories, stay healthier, and live more complete lives. Guns ensure that we can protect ourselves and others so they can live more complete lives too.
The NRA and gun advocacy groups fail to diversify their interests and advocacy at their own peril. They choose not to integrate a policy stance that moves beyond protective-preemption towards cultural permanence. Gun safety and education can empower us like learning how to grow food can empower us.
When someone learns about gardening, they discover that nature requires time to produce results that sustain us. Fruit doesn’t grow right after a tree is planted, and nothing will grow if it isn’t planted. Nothing will be planted if nobody sees the future calamity coming. The calamity is inevitable b/c we live in a culture that is dependent on cheap fossil-fuel energy. We depend on it for our transportation, the transportation of our food, the transportation of our food, the plastics we use, the fertilizers we cast, the pesticides we spray, & much of the pollution we endure. Why? B/c we’re also dependent on the neuro-chemical sensibilities with which we ‘pursue happiness’. We have inherited a culture of superficial bravery that acts as a veneer for a cowardly commercialism. We have access to vast stores of resources and a global economic systems that maximizes their extraction & relocation where demand rules. The laws of supply & demand have, and always, will dictate the choices that human beings make, however there have been countless people throughout history who have transcended their desires. Why must we submit to the biological programming that perpetuates self-destructive decision making? We don’t have to submit. We have to summon the will to change our behavior b/c we recognize the fundamental immorality of our wasteful indulgence. If we can use our imagination to construct a future in which ‘technology’ saves us from the inevitable catastrophe of resource depletion, then we can use our imagination to remind ourselves of the future generations who will live in biologically impoverished worlds due to our cowardly choice not to confront ourselves or the power within our culture. Although it may seem paradoxical, guns & gardens are two of the most important parts of that program.

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