Spartan Vegetarianism that’s Affordable, Healthier, & Moral AF

We don’t realize how much energy, water, and waste is caused by the industrial mean industry. The necessity to meet quarterly revenue targets and profit goals results in some cruel practices that achieve economies of scale. It’s unnecessary and has a massively destructive impact on forests, food quality, animal life, human callousness, objectification, health, & energy waste.

The solution is to transition your diet away from complex meat-based sumptuousness to one that’s simple, spiced, spartan, & plant-based.

We have access to all of the foods necessary to get our protein, calorie, and nutrient needs with grains, canned/fresh vegetables, & protein substitutes while also enjoying the natural abundance by way of frozen fruit & local honey.

Plant based diets such as this can be high in sodium, but that can easily be addressed by extensive rinsing of canned vegetables.

Are canned vegetables or frozen fruit as healthy as fresh options? No, but they’re close and they don’t require human beings to be responsible for the callous death of the animals, nor do the animals live in confined cruel conditions that leave that diseased and dispirited.

It’s lower in processing chemicals & relieves the pressure on the industrial systems to use monocultures for export & domestic demand.

Many have rightly predicted a massive reduction in the bio-agricultural industry’s research and development sector. This is what Alan Greenspan referred to as creative destruction, however I like to call it creative-reallocation. The chemists & engineers who are left without jobs can be provided jobs teaching chemistry, calculus, and physics to the young people in need of real-world experiential knowledge. Doesn’t that sound like a good program?

In closing: a spartan vegetarian/vegan diet reduces the negative impact on the environment, improves your physical health, enhances your sense of moral clarity and existential purpose, and saves you money.

Can anyone think of something that it doesn’t address?

Thanks for reading,
Evan A.

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