Therapeutic ‘Thrones’


I continue to be surprised how two pieces of wood & two screws can be so powerful. These ‘Thrones’ are a necessary addition to our personal and professional lives b/c they enable us to manage the demands of a hi-tech society, help the injured regain their sense of balance, sensitize the practitioner to the rhythm of their breath, & provide a platform used for studying.

The reason they’re called ‘Thrones’ is b/c they can also help in addressing the psychological dissociation that many of our young people confront in middle & high school. When a young student sits upon a ‘throne’ they begin to realize how the confines of classrooms & cars cause much of the discomfort they feel. The rotation of the pelvis enables for Gravity’s force to be more evenly
distributed between the vertebrae; and it also helps the practitioner to activate the erector spinae muscles that contribute to the posture of nobility-those who sit upon ‘thrones’.

From a throne a student can put their back literally against a wall, survey the world around them, reflect upon the complexity of their lives and rise above the gossip & imperfections of their life. They can manifest the ‘Will’ to confront the challenges that they will inevitably confront. It’s from this position that they can awaken to the power of breathing, synchronizing their breath with thinking, and dissolve the external stresses so they can maximize their development.

I encourage you to contact us and try them yourself. There’s no patent on these devices, and I want as many people to benefit from these as possible. You can fabricate them yourself from home if you prefer or contact us directly. The most important features are the height: approximately 2″ above the knee joint, & the bench angle: typically between 3-5 degrees.

There are two types: High & Low. The ‘low’ are best for people who are in near-top physical conditioning, while the ‘high thrones’ are for those whose injuries preclude them from kneeling but can still benefit from the aligned posture used typing or during therapy sessions.

I’m 6′ 6″ tall and I’m a victim of self-handicapping. The rigors of a high school growth spurt coupled with a desire to not stand-out resulted in a number of damaging postural techniques. They weren’t a problem until my body stopped growing; at which time I began to have intense back pain. It took some time to diagnose the genesis of the pain and to fabricate a solution, but it’s been eye-opening to experience how such a simple device can have such a healing effect. My belief if that if these ‘thrones’ can help to heal me, then they must have some relevance to the athletes, students, workers, employers & employees who are all trying to be their ‘best selves’. I hope that this information is helpful. If there’s anything we can do to help you, please contact us. All forms of devotion & inquiry are welcome.

Thanks for reading.
Evan A.

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