The Thesis of Citizen Solutions…

I’ve never liked the idea of ‘Mission Statements’, but the connotation of ‘Thesis’, seems like a good substitute.

I never rec’d my Masters of become a Doctor of Studentology, so maybe I subconsciously created Citizen Solutions to become that? No plaques on the wall, but Citizen Solutions & ‘Studentology’ get to be my ‘babies’ in a way.

The great thing about a ‘Mission Statement’ or a ‘Thesis’ is that it demands concision and focus to distill the objectives and unifying ideas behind your Purpose (the business, church, school, career, etc.)

For Citizen Solutions, the ‘thesis’ is that we can all, as citizens, generate the solutions to our personal, social, and global problems by changing our Sensibilities.

That sounds simple, however to do it, we have to get our bodies alighned with our minds, and then begin re-evaluate how we make determinations and why? For example, “I like eating chicken nuggets, but I know that they’re full of chemicals & preservatives. Why do I still like them? Because the bbq sauce has so much sucrose & fructose laced in it that they ‘meat & sweet’ flavor becomes almost irresistible.

There are all types of subtle changes that we can make that we know have massive impacts on the destroying the crass & ugly parts of our world. Observing the way our tastes can lead us astray is critical to controlling our other passions for a grander purpose. Therein lies the ‘religious’ component to Citizen Solutions’ aspirations. We want people to recognize the spiritual connection between the integration of our Knowing-Life with our Gov’t-Life.

It’s worth our time. John Dewey, the famed educator & philosopher once said, “education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” And Citizen Solutions tries to remind us all of that view. It’s not as prevalent as it once was, but it can be again. We get to choose whether or not we want to let it be that?

Our sensibilities affect what we think is ‘good enough’, and how we formulate the criteria with which we make that determination. We may say something is our ‘best’, but our ‘Coach’ tells us we can do ‘better’. We think the essay is ‘good enough’, but the ‘Teacher’ edits it into one that’s ‘better’.
When we question & reflect on how we came to be the way we are, we begin to see what made us appreciate ‘this’, feel afraid of ‘that’, choose to go ‘there’, stay ‘here’, etc. all the things that make our personality what it is, and on…

That process gets fused with the experience of living and becoming ‘educated’. Citizen Solutions is trying to convince us that we have the responsibility to ‘lead’ & share what we’ve learned here with those who don’t get this chance. It’s a blessing to be able to explore the Universe-ina-City.

Feeling passionate about your life’s potential is natural if your education is something that you’ve sacrificed for and earned. In lieu of that passion, we romanticize ‘all-nighters’ & the grueling classes while downplaying the amazement we can feel from something like Photosynthesis. It’s something that’s always going on. We know that trees are providing oxygen for us and sucking-up carbon dioxide, but we can’t ‘see’ it. The stress of Life makes it even harder to do so. “I don’t have time for ‘Simple magic’, so give us more ‘Spectacle magic’ at the stadium-the theater-the suv, etc.”

We can build a culture in which we can apply our global awareness to do the most with our ‘good’.

Constantly try to learn and integrate, authenticate, contrast or confirm what we’re experiencing in our personal experience with our theories and thesis formed about the way the World should be & our role in it.

What world do we want for our Grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren? They have to be in our thoughts. For example, I often get so furious that I want to push the gas pedal to the floor. I don’t though. I know that it’s stealing something from those who don’t have anyone to advocate for them. Those future generations are on their way. What do we want them to say about us and the choices we made? They can write songs about us or loath everything for which we stood…if i was born into an environmentally impoverished world like the one we’re on course to pass, then I would.

Citizen Solutions is combatting that at every step. With the ‘Thrones’ for commerce & posture; with the tree plantings & permaculture gardening for food independence; with music & art for breath-transcendence. Put that together and it’s a simple recipe.

Failure’s Repercussions:

If we don’t make the change when we can, then we’re conforming to the stereotype of the indulgent American; decadent, wasteful, violent, vulgar, ignorant, stupid, & greedy …
That’s not me. That’s not us. That’s not the impression I want someone to have of us. And it’s so easy to refute that it’s become a responsibility for us to do so b/c we’re the one’s who were fortunate enough to synthesize these ideas. We’re the representatives and diplomats for a new vision; a new mission.

Anecdote analysis:

I’ve had some boring nights when I’ve been out Norman-ing, but I’ve yet to have a night in which the guitars didn’t bring about some type of ‘beyond’ feeling to the streets.

For example last night I met a man from Arabia who wanted to sing on the microphone. I plugged it in and he went on to sing a rendition of ‘Hit me Baby’ by Britney. Somehow that song slipped past the the cultural censors at Saudi and that’s the melody that captivated him. That’s proof that you can’t indoctrinate nature away. Not completely. We all have to be regulators on our own for ourselves. Those are moments that should amaze everyone; and everyone should be able to create them. That’s another mission to the Citizen Solutions Vision. Built transcendent athlete-warrior-scholars.

The most complete scholar is an athlete & warrior. The most complete warrior is an athlete & a violent scholar.

My city and my university could do more, but they can’t see the changes yet. It’s our job to show them how to change. We have a collection of students from around the world here, but they just
get to see a ‘pretty’ school whose grass, flowers & trees seem all the same but can’t produce anything we can use…they don’t see a school in such pursuit of perfection that it chooses it use it’s soil instead of machine-maintence oil, to create that which sustains, instead of taking more away.

I want the school I represent to make me proud by utilizing every bit of itself, its ground, it’s soil-not dirt-its soil, for a purpose that makes us realize we’re our size is small.

That’s the difference between discipline & decadence. And that’s the difference between Citizen Solutions, Inc. & whoever else U want to compare us to.

I don’t know ‘Certainty’ well, but we’re all becoming something, I just want it to be our #BestSelves.

Thanks for reading.
Evan A.

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