Planting towards ‘Perfection’

Fruit trees are so easy to plant. It takes about 30 minutes, and that’s if you turn the process into a relaxed cardio workout (w/ or w/out accomplices). Gardens aren’t any more difficult. Dig a hole, plant a seed, repeat. Does it really matter if someone ‘steals’ what’s grown? Is that the entire purpose of your home-orchard-garden? No, but that doesn’t excuse whoever snatches the ‘fruits/vegetables of your labor’. The benefits are myriad; exercise, health, fuel savings, food production (minuscule though it may be), a direct access to the source-of-survival, and it educates everyone person who walks past your home as to what you value.

Do you value saving Oklahoma’s oil? Good, stop splashing it on your yard with your lawn mowers; stop paying someone to spray chemicals and biocides all over it; stop inhaling the exhaust fumes; stop paying someone else to inhale those exhaust fumes for you; stop thinking that diversity of grasses, trees, and weeds is a bad thing that drops home values.

Our sensibilities can deceive us. Anyone who has ever played a sport has learned this. You jam a finger, or roll an ankle, what do you do? You put it in ice. Does your body ‘like’ that feeling? No. Your body ‘tells’ you to get your finger out of the ice, however we all know we need to keep it in the ice longer. The same goes for homes. I see the house and my natural inclination is to say, “ugh, that’s an ‘ugly’ house,” when in actuality it’s the most productive and efficient home in the neighborhood. It should have the highest value and provide that realtor with the highest commission possible, but instead he/she agrees and doesn’t confront the buyer’s superficial values. We have to begin to do so.

That’s why we pay ‘experts’ like Hahn Public, right? We’re honest w/ ourselves about what we do & don’t ‘know’, thus we seek-out the knowledge and experience of others. That’s a very thoughtful and mindful approach. However we don’t need their outside-expertise. We don’t need to follow the models of Austin, or Little Rock, Atlanta, or anyone else’s. They should be following us. We have the knowledge & experience available to us right here. We just don’t have the consensus and that’s what Citizen Solutions is trying to change.; We’re trying to inspire and motivate and convert us all to become our #BestSelves. Purely & simply, our #BestSelves.

Will we each become our #BestSelf? Depending on each of our definitions, maybe for a few moments, and if we’re consistent, longer and longer continuums of our #BestSelves. I promise you can do it. Permaculture did it for me. Having brain cancer has only amplified the passion that I have for sharing the MAPP w/ you.

If we aren’t trying to be our #BestSelves, what are we teaching our young people? What message are we sending to the students who come here from all over the world about Americans? What message do we want them to take back home, wherever that may be? Citizen Solutions is trying to send the message that we, as Oklahomans, may have greater access to the resources that make life so rich, and we don’t waste them. We know about the inequality of the world and we hold ourselves accountable and however we worship, or to whomever we pray, we dedicate ourselves to the protection of future generations and the generations we can’t see, but can know will inherit all of this, eventually.

I’m not a democrat or a republican, I am instead an Oklahoman. Just like you.

Thanks for reading.
Evan A.

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