A Voice in the Crowd, the Tulsa Teachers’ March & The Age of Synergistic Potential

This is a moment in time that has the potential to bring together disparate parts of our Civilization and synthesize the largest re-construction of these United States and set a unique model for the World to follow.
The conditioned approaches to Education, Commerce, Health Care, Aging, and Celebration must evolve either by our choosing or at Nature’s edict. The Teacher’s March from Tulsa was an exemplar of what’s to come.

The Tulsa teachers just marched 110 miles to the capital and I don’t think that’s being recognized for the pronouncement that it is. Amidst the all the news & media, the Teachers’ Tulsa March will be remembered briefly and then washed out with the tide as the next ‘news cycle’ comes in (there’s always something going on in this wacky-world) however, within the groups of teachers & organizers who made the march a point in History, there is an unquantifiable value that can’t be accounted for in any ledger or of mutual-sacrifice and Everyone should see what a transcendent show of dedication that is, epic. Gandhi once marched marched 240 miles over 10 days, but that was against the British Empire. When we have to do that to prove our commitment to our government then we have some problems that are deeply cultural.

The crux of it all isn’t Money, it just seems like that from the insider’s view. From 300,000 feet, it’s easy to see that the more complete truth is that it’s about ‘waste’. We waste energy keeping schools hot in the winter & cold in the summer, then we waste fuel cutting grass when we could be teaching the school to grow its food. We let coke & pepsi sell their carbonated corn-syrup to our kids, but we don’t think that ‘Teeth Brushing’ is a class we should teach everyday? We want our kids to become more active but we don’t teach them about posture’s centrality. We don’t create soldier/diplomat/scholars and that should be our end-goal. Young, dynamic, cautiously courageous, scholars capable of transcending divisions by the authenticity of their education regarding their mission as Oklahomans & Americans. We want them to become their #BestSelves, but in order to hold them accountable for the standards we want them to achieve, we have to hold ourselves accountable to an even higher standard. The Tulsa teachers proved that we can and we will.

I gave a speech last week at the capital about the importance of us regaining the moral high-ground and I think that might have had some impact on the teachers deciding to march back. I’m not sure, but it’s possible. My speech referenced a number of the earlier points, but it also described the Education-Government relationship.

I pointed out that it’s the Teachers who make more accommodations for students who don’t speak English, for students who have disabilities, for students who are dealing with family hardships & loss. So why isn’t Gov’t full of the people who create microcosms of healthy dynamic diverse societies in the form of a classroom? Don’t you think they’re the most experienced people for the job of creating a dynamic, healthy, diverse larger Society?

What if we dramatically changed course and changed our sensibilities? We’re not wasting more energy than we need to heat & cool the school. We start teaching year-round after 9th grade, we teach posture, and mandate that each student take 4 years of science, math, physical education, marketing psychology, and English. We stop cutting grass and instead plant fruit trees orchards and massive permaculture gardens. We install greenhouses and solar water heathers everywhere possible. We start teaching self-defense to our young people so they’re not anxiously afraid and can relax into the life-of-the-mind.

We could save more of our oil, more of our talent, re-brand Oklahoma, leave more oil & gas for our grandkids’ grandkids, and start a program that would put the scientists and engineers who lose their jobs the ‘Service’ like our grandparents & all of the other members of the so-called ‘Greatest Generation’. We would be doing what it is that makes the American experience so amazingly transcendent. We would be helping young people awaken to their capacity to structure their perceptions and feel the awesome amazement of being a part of this vast galaxy, of which our Sun is but one of billions of stars that are light years apart, amongst billions of other galaxies. That’s what our end-goal for Education should, could, and can be.

We just need to shape the message. The Tulsa teachers proved a willingness to endure sacrifice. We have some increase in pay & funding. We have to keep it up though. We have to set-up a program for us to manage our local economies creative re-construction, bring our engineers & scientists back into a new form of National Service, stop wasting so much time on the spectacle of CGI movies & rockets to Mars, and get more educators into government.

Complexity isn’t the solution to more complexity. The solutions can be maddeningly simple, but nevertheless correct; if only we try like the Tulsa teachers did. They transcended the divisions and I wish I’d been with them.

Thanks for reading.
Evan A.

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