Should’ve been streaming…


The City Council Study Session tonight was on the Budget, and it demanded serious attention. The University North Park program & its obligations are complex and require context, which is why I wish I had gone ‘Live’ on Facebook, but I got caught-up in the moment…I did the same thing at the school board last night…

It was doubly disheartening for me b/c the problems we’re facing were the result of prior decisions made by previous councils, and I had made little-to-no effort to influence those decisions. Pathetic. Cowardly. Shameful…ugh…

Overall though, it was a good evening. There’s a lot of potential for synergy between the city, the school board, & the University, but only if we can get them all talking. I think Citizen Solutions has an opportunity. I’ll let you know what happens from here.

Fyi: City Hall is on Grey Street between the Post Office & the Central Library. Tuesday @ 5:30 pm. Here’s the link to the other board meetings

Until the next time we connect, keep #Bestselfing it,

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