Football as ‘Art’ and Spectacle’s impact on Culture


What makes Football an Art?

Its pursuit of ‘perfection’ is what makes Football an Art. That ‘pursuit’ consists of strategy, the flow of competition,
the disciplined preparation, dietary restrictions, not to mention the precision movements of the human body being, and geometric
connections that can be experienced when someone, [Sportscaster voice) “breaks a tackle, gets into the open field, and it’s a touchdown!!!!!!
90,000 experience that at the same time in the same place; millions on TV In Primetime? Just think about all of the networks of flavors, smells, games,
gatherings & Family strengthening. Those are all valuable when they’re in isolation, but, put them together, and you have an amazingly seductive fusion of our weaknesses.

Here’s what I mean:
Someone watches a Team and they do something amazing, such as winning some championship, “wow”, and b/c their sense-of-identity is so deeply connected to that Team,
they associate ‘Their’ team’s success w/ their success, or lack thereof. Either way, the ‘Art’ is winning. The vendors are winning, the construction companies who build the infrastructure,
the engineers who use their talents designing monstrous stadiums, and we use them a dozen times a year? Maybe a few more? … billion dollar stadiums for that?

Meanwhile, 2/3rds of the school districts in my state can’t even, offer, yes OFFER, they can’t even offer Physics, Chemistry, or Calculus? How is someone going to be able to
synchronize our understanding of our bodies, its cells, it’s molecules, it’s atoms, and then relate that to our place in the solar system, within a galaxy possessing billions of other Suns, amongst Billions and Billions of other Galaxies, …. !!!!!!!!
What?????? Somehow, we created the technology & machines to understand Infinities: that of the Biggest of Bigs & Tiniest of Tinys. Is that not also Art? Which ‘Art’ is most essential for our human survival? The art of ‘Football’ or the art of ‘Hunting’? Or the art of ‘Parenting’?
Those are all arts b/c they demand an ‘Immersion of Focus’ (IMF), and it’s only through the conscious pursuit of ‘perfection’.

‘Perfection’ can be many things & shades of ‘True’, however, some situations are such that, we can mutually consent to the moments-of-perfection (e.g. a dunk, goal, photo-finish, etc.). Are U w/ me?

When U play Football, it’s self-evident when the ball crosses a line. We can all see the line, & we can all see the ball cross it, thus we’re all justified in our emotional response to the self-evident event of the ball crossing the line.
What significance does the ball crossing the line have on our future? Does it cook the food? No? Does it pay for electricity? No. The actual event has little to no effect unless we’ve wagered money on the event; or if we get a reward for doing our ‘homework’ in the fantasy league better (more prophetically accurate)…surely I’m not the only one who sees the Transcendent & the Wasteful parts w/in ART…surely not???….
It’s beautiful & enhancitory in so many ways, but it’s abhorrent & corrosive in others, both of which can prove too seductive when there’s intense trauma behind it all.

This would be far more convincing if I were speaking in a coliseum, and my gestures & tonality could add different ‘colors to the type’. Spectacle. It can captivate us whether or not we’re statisticians, historians, doctors & lawyers, bankers, CEOs, and the dredge of society too. It doesn’t matter if someone is melanin-rich/melanin-poor (Black/White), where they came from, or what Denomination someone claims, Sport can transcendent.
I aspire to that type of transcendent capability, that’s my ‘Art’, that’s my definition of being ‘more perfect’? On the football field, success depends on the ‘perfection’ of movement, rhythm, execution, synchronization, preparation & performance.

That’s it’s ‘transcendent’, but the dark-side is very dark. It’s riddled with moral-relativism, normalization of dominance, dietary self-destruction, and a waste of our the Power of Will.

Football’s ‘artistry’ goes beyond just the physical and into the meta-physical, dare I say, the Spiritual for many. That’s the state of ‘flow’, the ‘Immersion of Focus’, that
is the practice of the ‘art’ itself; what’s most tragic is that, we, all, I believe, have the potential w/in us to generate our own expressions of ‘art’ and the ‘progression to perfection’ that is at the core of a more ‘Complete’ life.

We shouldn’t be surprised that art evinces in us the awareness of our own ‘cores’, be they physiological, muscular, or experiential; music, language, the written word, technique, etc. are all possible for each of us…and you can get what you need for
the value of a few hours of your muscle-power. We don’t have much of an excuse to not appreciate the artistry of Football, or it’s dangerously destructive that perfects the 1% of the 1%, but dispenses the most inhumane, wasteful, and diversionary product to the Public Consumer, who for the aforementioned reasons
willingly comes back for more; each Sunday, each Saturday, each Friday, and now each Thursday…that’s an omni-present institution in American life, and so long as the American consumers demands more of it, the Market will willingly satisfy.

We have ourselves to celebrate & blame…and we also get to choose :-).
Thanks for reading. Thanks for the inspirations.

Evan A.

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