Sumptuous Spartan-Vegetarianism


Today I went to buy some washable pain and stopped in Aldi’s. Within 30 minutes I had purchased artichoke hearts, olives, quinoa, a loaf of bread, 3 different types of sauces, a jar of mayonaise, garlic powder, merechino cherries, cans of kidney beans, sweet corn, frozen fruit, honey, fresh vegetables, and frozen, all for less than $50.00.

Never before have we had the culinary variety or abundance that we have today. Never!! If our Great-Great-Grandparents were here they’d be shocked & amazed at what we have, however we spend ~90% of our food-dollars on processed foods…?

Why? My theory is that we simply don’t know how to cook cheaply & time efficiently, thus we sacrifice our health & mental well-being in exchange for some convenience & expedience.

My program takes whatever is available. We really don’t need much. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats/lipids (diverse sources for all), and then the addition of the simplest of sumptuous-spices will make the most mundane
of meals into one whose flavor is deserving of being savored and appreciated by all who partake.

Frozen vegetables & frozen fruit, can go in hot tea. The heat of which will thaw what’s been frozen so that it’s soft-enough to chew, and then complimented by the purity of hydration,

Bread, almond milk, & frozen fruits as a dessert. This is an incredibly time-efficient & healthy departure from the ice cream choice. The frozen fruit will generate a frosting as it enters the cold milk, but it soon
acclimates to the less than frozen temperature and softens. It’s a wonderful combination of protein, carbs, fiber, & flavor.

As the day progresses, I grab fruits & raw vegetables throughout the day, gnawing on them periodically, and for a sumptuous Spartan supper I’ll use some vegetarian protein substitute such to accompany a chickpea, green bean, toast, oatmeal, rice, couscous, quinoa, tomato sauced, olive oil, ginger, jalapeno,
soy sausage, black bean burger, and the list goes on.

Diet is a major part of becoming your best self and it’s not hard to transition away from an unhealthy processed diet, or a healthy organic diet that’s devoid of carcinogens, but rife w/ cruelty (as all meat that’s slaughtered & consumed w/out reverence). We’re a part of that system when we choose to eat meat. Not only
are we complicit in the animal’s suffering, but we also contribute to the economic incentives that induce people to commit acts of cruelty & objectification on other sentient creatures. Do you think that doesn’t have a corrosive effect on their psychology? How do they treat their children & spouses? Do you think there isn’t
conflict in those families?

None of us should be surprised that rural america is collapsing as it has been. 2/3rds of our rural schools can’t offer physics, calculus, or chemistry, but there’s almost always a casino w/in a 30 minute drive. What chance do they have to develop the skills that will help them surivive and live more complete lives? The seductiveness of the
drugs, cultural superficiality, and casino-magic will, almost certainly, captivate them, and keep them in a cycle of self-destruction.

It’s been a striking realization, but a dietary shift can be a major source of change.

When we make that change, we’re also making a shift away from accelerating the atmospheric problems. The industrial meat industry confines thousands of birds, pigs, & cattle daily, meanwhile they defecate, and expel the gaseous exhaust of their bodies. These gases aren’t just carbon dioxide, but they’re methane & nitricoxides that are 50+ & 250+ times more powerful at trapping the solar radiation that travels the 65,000,000 miles from the Sun to us.

It’s a remarkable synergy. The body heals, money is saved, the atmosphere is stabilized, resources aren’t wasted, life is revered, and human beings are cultivated to be more compassionate, empathetic, & creative.

Why aren’t we all this way?!!? Well, everyone else just hasn’t read, or heard the ‘word’.
I’ve written it now though. ‘Do you have anything to add? Corrections to make?

Thanks for reading.
Evan A.

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