Gettin’ Sick, Fasting, and Overall Health


I feel amazing now, and it was approximately just 3 hours ago that I was feeling pretty terrible; my body was aching, my GI tract and abs were ‘inflamming’, I was dehydrated, and ‘slothing’. After fasting and ingesting nothing but water, pharma, & CBD oil, I feel amazing as I type. That was a short ‘partial’ Fast of about 12 hours. I say partial b/c there were intermittent pieces of frozen fruit and frozen kale.

It’s possible that what I hate prior to ‘beginning the fast’ was the reasons for the discomfort. It’s also possible that the discomfort was due to the previous day’s work. It’s also possible that it was the result of excessive rehearsals. It’s also possible that it’s a combination of them all. Despite the uncertainty and the difficulty w/ which we could single out THE most important variable onto which we can place the most significant, I’m suggesting, that fasting, hydrating, flexibility, breath-art, and posture-art should be the 1st stage of any ‘health’ problem. That’s something that’s missing from our culture, but very present in human societies that have been operating continuously for thousands of years; India & China being the most prominently powerful, but Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, the Koreas, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, the Maldives, Vietnam, Taiwan, et al. In those countries & cultures, the connections between diet, breathing, posture, fasting & health have been employed since before there were Doctors & Pharma on whom we could rely. There might be something to be learned from them. They’ve been LEARNING from U for a long time don’t U think? U’ve been so kind as to open-up Ur Colleges & Universities to them for so long and U’ve helped them so much. Why won’t U let them help heal U too?

Citizen Solutions can be a diplomat for U.
Evan A.

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