Bergey Wind & ‘Too Big to Fail’

I had an incredible morning. I met Mike Soriano at Bergey Windpower and he took me on a tour of their facility. It’s right here in Norman and it has been for nearly 40 years. Mike Bergey, one of the co-founders has been running a business from within the crucible that it is our Financialized economy. He can’t be expected to run a business, lobby Congress, and be an advocate here locally. I think we each need to do that for him. Do the people out there even know that BWP is here? They have wind turbines all over; and I don’t mean just Oklahoma, or the US, I mean the World: Afghanistan, Chile, Kenya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Romania, and … , I could go on. They’re global and they’re too humble about what they’re contributing to this community. I think that we should be forming neighborhood coops in which 8-10 neighbors each throw in $5000, and divvy-up the savings. I think our schools should have at least one each. I think ever county building should have at least one. I think that every neighborhood development, especially if it’s more Suburbia. It won’t fix the fundamental flaw in the Suburban-model, but it will have a functional & educational use. Can anyone think of a reason why that’s not the type of lesson we’re trying to teach our young people? If not, then let’s get moving w/ it. Let’s get people riled-up about it. If ‘they’ won’t start talking about it until they have to pay $5.00/gallon for gas, then it’s our responsibility to catalyze their awareness. If certain financial institutions are too big to fail, then businesses like Bergey Windpower are ‘too important to fail’, and we have an obligation-both moral & ethical-to help them thrive & not just float. It’s going to be painful at first, and it’ll be long and hard, but it’s going to be punctuated w/ triumphs and, in the end, we will have ‘saved’ each other, changed the culture, and we will have ‘saved’ every future generation of every species for all time. I can’t think of a greater accomplishment than that…if U can summon something, please let me know. I’m not hard to contact.
Evan A.

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