Clarity from chaos: Music’s Purpose


Hey Everybody, I hope your greatness is all over today,

Thanks for sitting down to read w/ me. I want to discuss this idea about the saturation of information, debt, & responsibility in our Culture and how it creates both chaos & clarity.

It’s my belief that the Guitar is in the Top 10 single-most powerful inventions conceived in the HumanMind. Its capacity for being used to auditorally bring clarity w/ sound frequencies that are well-tuned is obvious, however few appreciate its shape’s ability, when used to massage the body helps digestion and vertebrae alignment. Few mention its innate effect on one’s breath-awareness. Few draw attention to the ease w/ which he can be transported or the fact that it can be used as a counterweight to maintain fitness. Still few appreciate its potential for being a therapeutic cane-assistant; for those who grow older and need to regain/maintain balance. If I’ve forgotten something else, please let me know, but it is Power in the hands of whomsoever wants to hold it; why? b/c few things possess its diversity of uses & potential.

Our world has a similar potential. We’ve acquired the knowledge to destroy it, and contained w/in that collective knowledge, is Everything we need to make it greater than anything that’s ever existed in all of History. I’m here to advocate. I’m advocating for the 91% who’ve been neglected by the laws that govern our society that we’ve failed to share, teach, and educate those who haven’t been born into the most technologically advanced, knowledgeable, wealthiest, healthiest, most ‘perfectingly’ specialized society in history. We owe them something. Everyone of us, ‘Prince’ or ‘Pauper’, we owe them & all those future generations something. We owe them our ‘best’. We don’t owe them money or fame or cars, all we owe them is our Pride & the Dignity w/ which we live lives well-lived. That’s what brings clarity from the chaos. What else does it? Growing as much of our food as close to us while using the least amount of, that most lovable of discoveries, Petroleum. That’s ‘Permaculture’. That’s how we start building a Culture capable of Permanence. That’s how each of us starts to build a life capable of permanence. And it’s really so easy: 3 chords, seeds, muscle & sweat…Who amongst us doesn’t can’t put that recipe together? Suburbia is awash in access to abundance…what’s our excuse? None. We have the technology, the blue prints, the schooling, the know-how, but what we lack is a coherent map to go from here to the ability to continue creating the clarity we need for navigating the changes (both of, and beyond our control). That makes me think about the Founders of the United States Government (USG). U can easily observe from the Constitution’s solemn brilliance, that its greatness, and the greatness of its conceptualizers lays in its bestowence of it’s evolving-life. Each generation can refine and amend it when the People agree. It’s up to us to generate that motivation and inspiration for us to appreciate, generate, educate, and organize ourselves such that our ‘good’ can become our ‘great’.

Before I’m completely dunn, I must so how much I appreciate the fact that Uv read all of this w/me. Sometimes ‘freestyles’ resonate and it isn’t fleeting w/ me how we share.

Wishing U all Ur ‘greatness’,
Evan A.

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