Pools & Schools

I’ve been thinking about schools, and I think I have an idea that can enhance our students’ knowledge & health.

The solution is for the Norman Public Schools (NPS) to invest in renocvating our schools w/ water-therapy pools. These pools wouldn’t be for playing. No. These pools would be specialized PE/Art classes, that happen to be in water. We could even integrate different types of classes, and provide a bi-lateral training environment for training and experience.

For examply, why couldn’t we have a camera video editing class in which our students take GoPros and record game-play rewards, or swimming technique? Why couldn’t we simulate natural aquarium type conditions for a biology class? Our land-locked students benefit from the simulation of healthy aquatic eco-systems? We have the technology to have the entire world of digital communications under surveillance but  can’t make this happen? I don’t accept that. 

If we can invest $10,000,000+ in building renovations and stadium upgrades, then we can add something that will enhance another integral dynamic to the human experience. Do I need to point-out the centrality of Water to the transcendence of the human experience? I hope not. We need water in our lives and we need to understand how we can use it best. Schools are supposed to provide that discovery. Gravity doesn’t stop and water helps us connect more perfectly w/ O-G-ravity. Can I get some ‘amens’, ‘right-ons’? Can I get some agreement and action? Please! I need it. We need it. Future generations need it. We can assuage the guilt and regret of our ancestors, in the subtlest of ways, if we do it. We can, so let’s do it. 

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