uThrones, Drugs, & Ages of Integration

We need to seriously think about how we think about Drugs. 18 & 21 are ages of bodily-adulthood, but mental-adulthood doesn’t come around, for MOST of us, until 35. Let me propose these new guidelines:

18 to vape, 21 to smoke tobacco/cannabis, 25 to drink alcohol, 35 to snort cocaine, & 40+ for the opioids that dominate pain…

Hallucinogenics: Maturity & intention based determination. The conclusion of adolescence is probably an appropriate age for their introduction, but it would need to be in the form of a coming of age ceremonial rite that signifies their passage to a new realm of experience & responsibility.

There would of course, be the need for a curriculum team to create the certification programs that would enable social workers, physicians, therapists. et al, to determine when and how to administer hallucinogenics. Undoubtedly, they’ve demonstrated the potential to enhance the world & the human experience, but only in controlled settings; one would think that the classification of them as ‘Controlled Substances’ would be used to justify the implementation of control over the public use of these substances, however, we’re moving toward that world. The challenge is balancing the decadence of experience w/ the properties that enhance our connection & desire to creatively collaborate. The ‘wheels of justice system’ go round-n-round pretty fast sometimes, but usually they work slooooowly. As an anecdotal aside, Steve Jobs testified that Lysergic Acid (aka LSD) played a significant role in shaping his sensibilities). The need for Hallucinogenics in the justice system can not be over-stated. We should have the most enlightened society in the history of Humankind if we truly are the greatest country on earth. The rehabilitation of those who suffer from addiction, and those perpetrators of ‘criminal’ acts, have, 99% of time, been traumatized or neglected or denied the knowledge that Humanity has acquired that explains and defines the world in which we exist & reside. If they had not been neglected & traumatized, then they would’ve had the purpose and seen the traps that would’ve kept them from being locked-up where they’re at. They would’ve discovered and refined a way to overcome addictions and habits that held them back; then they could’ve become teachers of their Way; a way to go beyond and within; not my way or Ur way, but theirs. When they teach us their way, we can integrate their way into our way, and ours w/ theirs, the virtuous cycle is, for those moments, complete.

They should not be neglected, nor cast aside. Each of us, no matter how young or how old, has the potential within to transcend divisions… that’s why abortion ought to be illegal. That’s why the death penalty should be illegal. That’s why the murder of animals for flesh should be condemned. That’s why war should be opposed. That’s why our military should be trained as diplomats to speak transcendent words in other languages and to play, like David, the ‘secret chords that please the Lord’..it may not be pretty, but that just seems to be, how it should be, to me. I’m not certain but I’m confident enough to not relent or repent for these ideas b/c they sure seem authentic.

For, this is not to say that my naivete, which is my ignorance, my humility & my fallibility, does not exist, it most certainly does; and that’s where I need U. I want to draft U onto my Team. I need U to become one of us, bc U already are, Ur just don’t see that U are. Ur a soldier and civilian, 1 in 7 billion, who has a role to play and the best of their Good to give. It should also be said and for us all to understand that there may be a time and place in which things may change and the need will arise for us to protect and replace the failings of those in our Human race; but failings should, I believe w/ every atomic particle in this body of mine, that the failings will become rarer than ‘rare’ w/ the passing of time,

Whoa!!! Guh!! I wish U could hear me preach that. Wow. When I think about our Culture I just feel so astonished at our potential; I feel a responsibility, nay a spiritual duty to share this opinion, this vision b/c it’s becoming my mission. I promise I did not plan this. It’s not even mine. What is ‘mine’, but the summation of everything that I’ve ever experienced and processed, consciously or not, that is animating my body & mind to type out these thoughts. That’s true, so that means that every action and reaction is a part of me, and it’s a part of U. That’s the realization that I’ve used to study, discover, and improve; i’ll try to share my ways w/ U too, but only if that’s what U want me to do.

[Shivers body]

I feel ill sometimes when I think of how many Americans who’ve been blinded by the seductive traps that provide the sensation of perfection. If only I hadn’t been so cowardly and hidden behind and amongst them, validating w/ my dollars & time the situation. Maybe I could’ve reached them sooner, maybe they could’ve reached me. Some of us did, the right ones did at the right times too. I do I know, b/c I’m writing this for U–there’s the proof. But that’s a loss of my time to whine, “poor me”, b/c it diverts and distracts the attention the necessity to act ‘cowardly’ for me to synthesize a new design for the system that can enhance its operations, to make heroes of us all. It all had to be there, in order for me to be this ‘me’ that U read.

Hahaha, whoo, I’m on one, and I’m getting tired of writing. All that said, let’s return to the topic of ‘Drugs’, I want to add this re: the escalation to hard & harder drugs; w/ increased toxicity, so too would there be increased accountability & ‘rationed’ control. Dosings would be controlled by rationing (once/month perhaps). Rationing can be a good thing–it helped win WARs & it might help us win these other ‘wars’ that we’re fighting on extreme abundance, food, gambling, narcotics, pornography, spectacle, etceteral. None of anything is bad, it’s just the ratios in the recipe that aren’t what we need to have.

Disclaimer: There would of course, be unique variances given, for extraordinary cases, but, 21, 25, 35, & 45 would be the general age guidelines under a Dunn Administration.

The reasoning behind the 35 & 45 for cocaine & opioids is that by age 35, the use of cocaine can be understood and its intense addictive potential can be better managed while benefiting from the enhanced rush of creative energy. Additionally, this is an age in which people begin to see a diminished desire for dynamic experience, and the cocaine (benzolymethylecgonine), if administered in small doses could help someone re-awaken to that part of themselves they’d forgotten.

The opioids have increasingly valuable effects as we age & encounter the inevitability of the ‘break-down’ of our bodies. It’s painful. Many people live painful lives and work painful jobs, and although we can change the technique and culture that causes pain, we need for foresee its inevitability, and thus our need to most intelligently manage its occurrence. We can clearly see, as proven by the heroin crisis, that in the absence of pain, comes bliss. Heroin is known for absolving us of our pain; which may be in the form of mental anguish & regret, or physical pain. The human pursuit of experience’s perfection, seems to be most frequently found when life is devoid of pain & stress, thus everything that brings us closer to that state w/ the least self-handicapping self-destruction, must be our part of our objective. That must be the motivating principle for governing our lives’ designs. The uThrone has done it for me, and if it’s been healing for me, then it must be ‘good’ for U. Build one yourself, or come by the House w/ the Tipi out back; 1400 Garfield Avene w/ Farmer Street on the side. I have dozens of heights for U to try.

Thanks for reading,

“Come get a Throne, and get down w/ the crown”

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