NCAA ‘Dust Bowl’ Game in Norman

We’re all familiar with the Sugar Bow, the Orange Bowl, the Cotton, & the Rose Bowl, but never has any team in the history of college football competed in the DUST BOWL It could be something other than a sorrowful blip in our history and it could be an event for which we feel celebratory pride.  Never in history has there been an even in which the human mind’s arrogant approach to agriculture was more devastating or demonstrably self-destructive, but somehow Oklahomans humbled themselves and discovered a superior method of using the soil. Industrial agriculture did that, and a bowl game to showcase the city. now we’re poised to do that again w/ Complimentary Agriculture. What city would be a better venue than Norman, Oklahoma? We have the stadium laying dormant, we have the history, we have the culture, and we have the hotels, restaurants, and businesses who would have an uptick in revenue.  We would of course need to change our greenspace policy and shift incentives to create a city that looks, works, and meets the criteria of a Epi-sustainable city, but it could be done.

I’m not sure why we haven’t coordinated this yet. Is it b/c we’re not quite in the Sun Belt? Or do we not have enough amenities to keep the ball players busy during their week of preparation. Is it b/c we don’t like the connection between Norman & Dirt–most everyone think ‘dust’ is just itsy-bitsy flecks of ‘dirt’ and dirt is ‘dirty’. Who wants to be ‘dirty’ or play football in a ‘Dirty Bowl’. Maybe there’s the concern that the connotation of ‘dust’ & ‘dirt’ might bleed-over into the game-play? There is without doubt a connection between the subconscious mind’s allowance for deviations in behavior-restraint and conformity to regulations, however I have more faith in our athletes abilities to manage their behavior (on the field & off).

Perhaps it’s because it costs more to operate the stadium than would be generated in TV advertising revenue, ticket sales, and alumni/fanatic spending? Doubtful. Seriously doubtful. Infinitely doubtful. Would there be dissatisfaction for the universities chosen to play? Maybe. Norman isn’t as exciting as Miami Beach or New Orleans, but it has its haunts, its museums, its people. Who else has the history of industrial farming gone wrong? Or the Native culture? What about the oil heritage? We could even get John Deere and Exxon/Mobil be the sponsors of the bowl game. 

Would it be as high-profile as the other games? No. But it would use that monstrosity of a football stadium one more time during the season and it would generate a lot of revenue for our local businesses. That seems like a good enough reason for me to bring a Dust Bowl game to Norman. 

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