Truck Art

This page is going to be dedicated to the many iterations of ‘truck art’. I try to come-up w/ some thought provoking statements that are concise and then paint them onto the Truck that I use to carry all of my equipment for advertising

Since I started painting the truck a year ago, the themes have changed periodically. I first painted ‘Permaculture’ on both sides in different color combinations, and since then I’ve gone through phrases such as, “don’t hurt your ‘bestself’, be it”. Then I painted, “Save Our Oil, Empower Ur Grandkids”. That was a big hit around town. It was rained-off in about 2 weeks, but that’s not really a major problem b/c it enables me to have ‘fresh steel’ on which to work. Currently, I have on one side, “Better Selves, Better Solutions”, the other side has “Football is Art”, and the tailgate, which is the most complex, has 3 levels. The top being an invocation of how someone can contact us, which is, “”, then below that is the warning, “waste oil, waste life”, capped with “wanna Drive Slow w/ Me”? Oh, and on the front of the truck there’s a line written in reverse, like ambulances, to accomodate for a driver looking into their rearview mirror, and being able to read the front of the trailing car’s hood; it says, “Ima hero coward”. Which is an obvious reference to the duality of Man and the proclivity that we all have to pursue expedience & the ‘easy way out’.

I’ll update this periodically as the truck changes. Maybe you’ll get some ideas, or maybe you’ll see me around town?
Thanks for reading.
Evan A.